I Trust You

“I find it difficult to trust people,” she said to the woman opposite. “But I trust you.”

They were sitting at a nearby table. Hands clasped around big white mugs of coffee. The woman speaking was large. The other petite, nodding silently as she listened.

“I’m insecure, “ the woman continued. “I know I’m fat. Not pretty. So I mixed with people who let me stick around. People who were bad for me.”

She paused to fix her friend with a meaningful look and I could tell that this was a prepared speech. With significant beats and intermissions. When the time was right, she dropped her bomb.

“One time, they got me loaded and let someone sexually assault me in my sleep.”

She looked expectantly at her friend. Waiting. For the reaction. The dramatic OMG.

“Oh, don’t be silly,” her friend replied. “You’re not fat. And I think you’re pretty.”



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