The Coast

The shortest story I’ve ever written. And possibly the darkest. Published over at The Drabble.


By Adam Farrer

On the day my family moved to the Yorkshire coast, my mother and I took a walk along the cliffs and spotted a woman standing on the edge, staring out to sea, gripping the handles of an empty wheelchair. We laughed about it together, at the notion of her having tipped someone into the water.

Three days later, we learned that an old man had been found washed up on the beach, naked but for a single sock on his left foot. We never reported what we’d seen. New in town, we didn’t want to ruffle any feathers.

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I’m pleased to say that my story, ‘A Family of Armadillos‘, will be included in today’s FlashFlood event in the build up to National Flash Fiction Day. Every ten minutes a new story will be published on the FlashFlood blog, where you can also find archived stories from previous years. A total of 148 stories will be posted throughout the day, each under 500 words. Easily short enough to read on a sly toilet break and much healthier for your soul than yet another game of Candy Crush Saga.