As part of Arts Council England’s Developing Your Creative Practice funding programme, I have been awarded a grant to complete my first essay collection, provisionally titled GOD HATES WITHERNSEA.

The collection will be a series of interconnected personal essays, humour pieces and travel writing looking at life and death on the rapidly eroding Holderness coast in East Yorkshire. While the work is rooted in this region, the essays are really about family, community, belief and the way that humans get through life. Essentially, it’s about people, so if you’re interested in them, it doesn’t necessarily matter if you’re not particularly bothered about East Yorkshire. Although, maybe you should be. I guess you could read the book and make that decision.

Below is a video clip from an interview with Salford Now about my project. And it’s unconnected but if you’re interested, the shirt was £14.99 from TK Maxx and isn’t horrible.

As the project progresses, further updates will be added to this page. The updates are unlikely to be about shirts but I won’t rule it out.

Here is a short audio excerpt from the title essay, covering the erosion issue on the Holderness coast. The essay has been selected for inclusion in Test Signal, an anthology of northern writing, produced in conjunction with Dead Ink Books, Bloomsbury and New Writing North.

Click the image below to read my piece on Withernsea, written for Northern Soul.